Alliance Plastics


Role: Design, Development


I have worked for Alliance Plastics for the last 3 years. We are a manufacturer and distributer of protection components. Currently we have 11 locations. Eight are here in the USA, two in Canada, and one in Brazil. I am responsible for all eCommerce websites that represent these locations. This includes three websites that are not in my native tongue. I manage all design and development. I also maintain the product catalog for each of the website which totals over 12,000 parts.


This is five websites include: – USA – Canada – French – Mexican Spanish – Brazil (Portuguese)

Alliance Express Redesign


Role: Design, Development


This is a proposed redesign of the website above. Recently it was decided that the design of Alliance’s current website was getting a bit dated. I was not solely responsible for the design when I started at Alliance, so when I was tasked with the redesign I was overjoyed.


Being primarily a B2B website, the challenge was to maintain a certain amount of simplicity while still managing to put together a design that was pleasing to the eye. The functionality of the website was to remain bascially the same, with a few more up-to-date features added while the redesign was being implemented.


The link below will take you to my demonstration of the proposed design. Overall, there is not alot of function, but you are able to get an idea of what the final result will be based off of the structure of Alliance’s current website.

Wing City Grille


Role: Design, Development


This project was one of my first experiences with WordPress. I designed and developed a custom WordPress theme to fit the client’s needs. Being the food business, the client needed a solution that could grow as the restaurant did.  I chose WordPress because I felt it presented the desired balance of customization from a  developer perspective while still allowing ease for the client to add and edit content. This allowed the client to edit the menu and also update his dynamic “Events” and “Specials” pages.

Erie Rugby


Role: Graphic Design, Development, Maintenance, Blogger


Erie Rugby’s former website was a sluggish, dated solution. The team was unable to easily send out announcements, connect to social media, or upload pictures. At the time an update was needed, i was in the middle of the Wing City Grille project. I didn’t want to leave the team without options so I quickly found a free WordPress theme that would deliver what they needed until I could offer them a complete solution. It was been great for what they need it for. The overall structure of the website was not done by me. I am responsible however for any of the graphic design that is on the website. I also was able tried my hand as a sports writer by blogging about our playoff run this past year.