Erie Rugby Crest Re-Design


Software: Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator


When I first started doing design work for the Erie Rugby team, I was constantly fighting to find a version of our crest that I could use. Finally I decided that I would take the time and do the dirty work of recreating the crest as a vector. This way, going forward, whenever a design was needed at least the crest would be in a file type that was immediately usable.

2nd Annual Sandy 7s


The Sandy 7s beach tournament, is an annual tournament that the Erie Rugby Club holds on the beaches of Presque Isle State Park. Being a beach tournament, I decided that rather than having shirts the tourney tees would instead be tank-tops. The front displayed a silhouetted rugby player surrounded by a floral and inkspot design, while the back simply displayed team and tournament sponsors.


As well as designing these shirts, I also played an integral role in the organization of the the tournament, by spreading the word to surrounding area teams, and making a final decision on tournament structure. Which was to change from the typical team based tournament structure to an individual based structure in which teams are made by drawing names from a hat. This limits the need for interested teams to travel with an entire team and can instead come and enjoy with whatever numbers they have available.