i'm not your typical developer.

Like every geek, I spend hours of each and every day buried in code, video games, and of course, tech blogs. Earning my BA from Mercyhurst University in Graphic Design, I’ve gained an extensive knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP. Even taking HTML independent study and learning on my own in order to stay on track for graduation. However, my growth as a web developer hasn’t stopped there. Since starting my career, I have grown my skill set to include SEO, Email Marketing and utilization of JQuery. I have also gained a vast knowledge of Wordpress in which I am able to build my own custom themes from the ground up. Most recently, I taught myself responsive and fluid design techniques to build this very website. Go ahead, give it a try.

But there is a lot more to me than just the geek.

For starters, I don't look like the stereotypical web developer. I stand at about 6'5" and sport a solid framework passed down to me from a family of big guys. Probably because of this, I have always been active in sports. Basketball, rowing, football, racquetball… You name it, I’ve probably played it. While football has always been a favorite of mine, my sports life is now devoted to rugby. Most Saturdays you will find me on the pitch, because as anyone rugger can tell you, Saturday is a rugby day. Ask me about it. I'm always willing to talk Rugby.

Unlike many computer nerds, I can step away from the keyboard and mouse. I won't talk to you in binary and I won't treat you like I'm your company computer guy.Unless that is what you want to talk about because believe me, I love what I do. Most nights of the week you will find me still glued to my computer after hours. But, if we meet outside of work you probably wouldn't guess I punch keys all day long. Because of my history of being on teams and being a leader on those teams (co-Captain of high school football team, Captain/Secretary/Sergent at Arms for Erie Rugby) and my experience in the web developer work force, I have developed the ability to effectively communicate difficult concepts to those who have not had my training without drowning them in code that they do not understand.

What all of this boils down to is that with me you get a person you can talk to, relate with, and most importantly work with. My knowledge of graphic design and programming allows me to create solutions that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. My social tact then allows me to turn around and explain that same solution a way a non tech-type person can understand. Programming and design don't have to be two separate worlds if they are done and explained in a way that makes sense to everyone; I bridge that gap.

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Phone: 814.688.2683
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